WG21 paper on SIMD types (datapar)

Submitted by Matthias on Wed, 01/20/2016 - 16:22

Since my last papers were all discussed in SG1 (the study group on concurrency) of WG21 (the C++ committee), the focus was on the concepts and overall direction of data-parallel programming with C++. After SG1 gave its go-ahead for expressing data parallel execution via the type system, the proposal needs to go to LEWG (library evolution working group) next. They will look at the API details and focus much more on getting wording ready for a TS (technical specification - experimental release of things that might go into the next standard).

I have started work on the paper for LEWG at the Lenexa meeting already. But it has lingered at GitHub until now. I finally have started pushing content and some wording ideas. Feel free to take a look and contribute.


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