I studied Physics with a major in Computer Science at Heidelberg University. For my diploma thesis I researched the potential of a port of the ALICE HLT TPC Tracker to many-core systems with wide vector units. In the course of the work I developed an abstraction for C++ for SSE and LRBni programming.

I continued research and development on the abstraction for data-parallel programming with the C++ programming language, in particular for efficient use of SIMD instructions on x86. This work was done at Frankfurt University and FIAS in collaboration with high-energy physics experiments at GSI, CERN, and RHIC.

Current Projects

  • Vc: Research and development of a C++ API for different SIMD hardware with an emphasis on developer productivity and high performance.
  • Standardization of a SIMD interface in the C++ programming language.

Former Projects


ISO C++ Committee (WG21) Papers

  • N3759: “SIMD Vector Types.” 2013.
  • N4184: “SIMD Types: The Vector Type & Operations.” 2014.
  • N4185: “SIMD Types: The Mask Type & Write-Masking.” 2014.
  • N4186: “Supporting Custom Diagnostics and SFINAE.” 2014.
  • N4395: “SIMD Types: ABI Considerations.” 2015.
  • N4454: “SIMD Types Example: Matrix Multiplication.” 2015.
  • P0214R0: ”Data-Parallel Vector Types & Operations.” 2016.

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